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2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies:

Emerging Scholarship on Chin State and Beyond: Diversity, Transformation, and Continuity.


February 17, 2018

University of Mandalay, Mandalay, Myanmar

Event Description

This first-of-its-kind multi panel series entirely focused on Chin State and surrounding areas is presented at the 2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies, Mandalay University, February 17th, 2018 will open with a first panel on History and Social Memory, where presenters will discuss identity, diversity, and belonging in Chin State.

The second panel will focus on Climate Justice, Water, and post-disaster recovery.

The third panel will focus on Development and Transitions.

The fourth panel will address Education and Access to Education. 


The aim of this event is to bring together for the first time a number of academics, early career scholars, and young civil society researchers who are currently involved (or interested in getting involved) in scholarly discussions on Chin State. At the Panel Series, the event convenors will also launch the Chin State Academic Research Network.



Panel 1: History and Social Memory: Identity, Diversity, and Borderlands of Chin State.


  • ‘Cartography of Self-Assertion’: Rethinking Community and Relationships among Transborder Peoples in the Indo-Burma Borderlands. By Dr Pum Khan Pau

  • Highlands Gospel: Baptist Christianity in Myanmar's Chin State, a Visual and Narrative Projection. By Aria Danaparamita


Panel 2: Climate Change, Water, Land, and Disaster Management


  • Post-disaster Recovery in Chin State, Myanmar: Analyzing the Building Codes for Disaster Risk Reduction in Built Environment. By Hlawn Tin Cuai

  • Climate Justice: Employing Feminist Participatory Action Research in Hakha. By Flora Bawi Nei Mawi and Rose Par Bawi Zi

  • Water insecurity in Hakha Town, Chin State, Myanmar: Structural violence and the production of water scarcity. By Dr. Carl Middleton



Panel 3: Development and Transitions in Chin State


  • Finding a Middle Way: Touring Theatre, Migration, and Cultural Politics in Chin State. By Dr. Matthew Yoxall and Thila Min

  • Treading Lightly: Changing Aid Spaces in Chin State. By Sena Galazzi Lian

  • Kaladan Project: The Impact of India’s Regionalisation and Act East Policy on Chin People. By June Nilian Sang

  • The Role of Civil Society and Chin Non-Governmental Institutions in Chin State’s Democratic Transition. By Lian Bawi Thang


Panel 4: Education and Access to Knowledge

  • Educational Needs and Barriers for Marginalized Chin Students in India. By Sang Hnin Lian and Sui Meng Par

  • How Important is using mother tongue in public to the Chin Community in Myanmar? By Nicola Edwards

  • Social Media Use among Hakha Youth: Does it Enhance the Acquisition of Political Knowledge? By Philip Nun Uk Thang

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