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Call for Papers: 3rd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Myanmar/Burma in the Changing Southeast Asian Context 

Education Development Committee - Parliament

​Rescheduled - March 5-7, 2021

Chiang Mai University, Thailand

We are planning a panel series entirely focused on scholarship on Chin State and its surrounding areas, echoing our success at ICBMS2 in 2018 at Mandalay University. Work not focused on Chin State region but written by scholars from Chin State is welcome. 


If you are interested to take part, please apply by sending us an email at:
📨 info@thehillseducation.com
📨 info.csarn@gmail.com
📨 informal queries can be sent via Facebook messenger


You will need to write to us before May 15 th with the following:
1. paper title
2. paper abstract (max 300 words)
3. your short bio (max 150 words)
4. funding request details (max 300 words)

The conference themes include:


  1. Economic Development in Myanmar

  2. Resource Management (Forest, Land, Water, Fishes) & Governance

  3. Agrarian Transformation & Environmental/Climate Change

  4. Urban Space & Urban Livelihood 

  5. Migration, Migrants, Refugees and the Displaced

  6. Transnationalism, Transboundary Investment (BRI), SEZs

  7. Peace Process & Governance

  8. Ethnic Inclusion/Exclusion 

  9. History and Social Memory 

  10. Language, Mother-tongue Language Education

  11. Changing Media Landscape (Hate Speech)

  12. Popular Religion, Religion and Harmony 

  13. Health Equality/Inequality 

  14. Education and Development, Non-state Education 

  15. Gender & Development

  16. Myanmar and East Asian Powers 

  17. Art and Society 

  18. Food Security and Food Sovereignty 

  19. Social and Environmental Movements


Funding availability

Limited funding will be available for a number of local scholars, on a competitive basis.

To apply for funding please write to us in no more than 300 words a funding justification with the following info:
~ how much funding you will need (amount in USD, please specify if you need full or part funding)
~ to cover what costs
~ why you need funding (you may include details about current job/study situation, family background, personal financial situation, etc.)

*Please be aware that "CSARN deadline" is normally for our internal process purpose only and may not correspond to the conference organisers' deadline.