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Co-hosted by the Australia Myanmar Institute (AMI) and the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies (Myanmar-ISIS)

January 24, 2020

University of Yangon, Myanmar

The Chin State Academic Research Network was participated in the Australia Myanmar Institute (AMI) International Conference 2020 held in Yangon, in cooperation with the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies (Myanmar-ISIS). 

Venue: Room 201, Diamond Jubilee Hall, University of Yangon

Date and time:     24 January 2020, 1330-1500

Panel Convener

Peter Suante, PhD Candidate, University of Hong Kong and Project Coordinator of TheHILLS


Sang Hnin Lian, Co-founder and Senior Advisor of TheHILLS


Panel details

  • Peter Suante, "Private tuition and its implications on schooling in Myanmar"

  • Sui Meng Par, "Types of Schooling and its influence on students’ academic performance in matriculation examination in Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar"

  • Salai Van Cung Lian, "Perception and Experiences of Corruption: Evidences from Chin State"

  • Ashley South and Nicola Edwards, “Research notes on some issues in Chin education”

  • Tual Suan Khai, "Experiences of Chin Irregular Migrant Workers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A Case Study"

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