The Chin State Academic Research Network (CSARN) 

is an interdisciplinary platform for sharing high-quality research on Chin State and its borderlands, and that supports and connects local and international researchers and students working in this field.

We actively seek out and create opportunities for scholars working in this field to share and present their work at international conferences, and focus on supporting emerging local scholars to craft their research papers and proposals through volunteer peer review buddy-systems and editorial services. 


We also assist foreign researchers, scholars, and PhD students who are visiting Chin State for fieldwork or other projects and who need guidance or support services. Click here to read about how we can help.


Finally, we engage in both paid and pro-bono external advisory work. To find out more about what support and services we offer - please click here.

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Our communication tools

To promote cooperation among scholars, we run a Google Group which is a communications tool that allows 50+ scholars and graduate students from around the world communicate, coordinate, exchange information, and support one another in Chin State related research. You can join this email list by submitting your details in the pink box on this page. 


The network also boasts an innovative and multilingual social media presence: the CSARN Facebook Page, with 2k engaged followers. On this page we share engaging and accessible academic content that is locally relevant, as well as information on academic and other educational opportunities.

Our achievements so far

In February 2018, here at CSARN we broke a record. Participating in the 2nd International Burma/Myanmar Conference at the University of Mandalay, we organized an all-day multi-panel discussion day entirely focused on Chin State. There, 12 scholars presented their research work and engaged in discussions with an audience made up of academics, students, and practitioners. 

In September 2019 we participated in the European Association of South East Asian Studies Conference 2019. There, 4 CSARN member scholars presented their academic research to a large international crowd. 

Most recently, we also participated in the Australia-Myanmar Institute conference held at University in Yangon on 24th January 2020. 

And there is more exciting stuff coming up! 

A Chin State panel is already in the works for the International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies (ICBMS) 3 to be held on the 22-24 October 2020 at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. 

Just like last time in 2018, we are planning a panel series entirely focused on scholarship on Chin State and its surrounding areas. Work not focused on Chin State region but written by scholars from Chin State is welcome.


If you are interested or want to discuss any of the above, find out more about a specific activity, or just say hello, feel free to get in touch with us.