TheHILLS Scholarship Fund

TheHILLS Scholarship Fund aims to support bright and motivated young people from Chin State to access Higher Education.

The scholarship is open to talented High School graduates, residents of Chin State, who wish to study the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Kalay University. Students who come from a disadvantaged background, particularly those whose own parents did not attend university are encouraged to apply. 

The successful applicants will receive four years of funding to study for their undergraduate degree in Geography, History, Philosophy, Myanmar, English, or Oriental Studies at Kalay University beginning in December 2019.  Scholarship awardees will also benefit from a mentorship programme to help them adjust to university life, develop their academic skills, and set career goals. The selection process will be highly competitive, with several rounds in the process.

Two scholarships are available: one is reserved to women candidates, and the other one is open to all genders. TheHILLS Scholarship Fund is non-discriminatory and open to all students from Chin State regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability. 

Our partners:

TheHILLS Scholarship Fund is managed in cooperation with the Chinbridge Institute, an educational establishment in Hakha focused on social sciences learning and anti-corruption research that has been an active member of the Chin State Academic Research Network since its early days. Chinbridge Institute is a research and learning center founded in June 2017. Its vision is to be a trusted center of focused and reliable information to account for the past, direct the present, and shape the future.To find out more about Chinbridge, click here. 


TheHILLS Scholarship Fund was made possible by the generous individual donations of over 30 donors from around the world via our crowdfunding page. To all our supporters we would like to underline that we are still accepting donations at our crowdfunding page.

Financial Support: 

The grant covers all university tuition fees, and includes a generous stipend to help students cover most of their living and accommodation costs. Students will need to self-fund the remaining part of their costs, as we believe this will be a motivating factor for students who will not receive an all-inclusive package but rather will have to work or liaise with family to pursue their educational aspirations. The exact amount of the stipend and other details will be shared with shortlisted applicants. 


Mentorship Programme: 

The Mentorship Programme aims to support students in their educational journey by giving them more than just money. The programme will provide personal, academic, and professional development guidance to the scholarship recipients, who will be encouraged to reflect on their own ambitions, set themselves regular goals, and act upon them, such as by attending external led events, working alongside staff here at TheHILLS, our project partner Chinbridge, as well as other members of the Chin State Academic Research Network.

Other details:

Tuition fees will be paid directly to the university. The scholarship does not include any private after school exam preparation classes. The stipend will be paid monthly to students. Funding for the next school year will be dependent on good academic results and active participation in the mentorship programme. Academic results will be assessed via official grades transcripts to be collected directly from the university. Scholarship recipients will also be expected to provide a brief yearly report to TheHILLS.