Announcement: The first recipient of TheHILLS Scholarship Fund

Our first recipient is Ngai Zun Cing, accepted on the BA Geography at Kalay University from December 2019.

Born in 2001 in a village in Tedim township, Ngai Zun Cing is an extremely hardworking bright young woman. The sixth out of 10 siblings, she works part-time in a teashop to support her family as well as her own studies.

After completing her bachelors in Geography, Ngai Zun Cing would like to continue her studies and pursue a Masters. In her own words, her dream is to teach at university to train the next generation to become more educated and support their country.

TheHILLS Scholarship Fund aims to support young students from Chin State. The fund is run by TheHILLS Education, in cooperation with our partners Chinbridge Institute, and it supports students in the humanities and social sciences studying at Kalay University.

Ngai Zun Cing

BA - Geograhpy

Kale University