Support and Services

We support local scholars, graduate students, and researchers in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences for research proposal development, thesis writing, and studying abroad.​

We support foreign scholars, students, or researchers who are planning to spend time in Chin State and surrounding areas for research projects or PhD fieldwork. 

We provide consultancy and advisory services to organizations, educational establishments, and funding institutes engaged in projects that focus on Chin State and surrounding areas (ie. including Sagaing Division, Northern Rakhine, Mizoram, Nagaland, etc.) Consultancy Services:

Local scholars and students​ support

  • ​Advice in the planning, research, and writing phases of MA or PhD thesis
  • A mock peer-review like assessment of final drafts prior to submission

  • Editing and proofreading services

  • Support to High School or University students in identifying and applying for competitive Higher Education opportunities abroad, external scholarships, etc.

  • Career advisory services: identifying and applying for suitable job opportunities, support in drafting of CV, cover letter, portfolio etc.

We offer some of the above services for free as part of our pro-bono work, but this depends on our availability. We also offer an affordable 'Pay What You Can' scheme.

Research support

Up to date information on the current situation in Chin State and surrounding areas

  • basic do no harm advisory services tailored to your specific research project

  • referrals to potential local contacts, fixers, interpreters, or research assistants

  • logistics support (ie. info on transport, accommodation, visa, customs, etc. )

In exchange for these services, we ask you to make a small donation to TheHILLS Scholarship Fund. 100% of your donation will go to students from Chin State. 

Advisory services

We provide expert advice and services based on the in-depth knowledge of our staff and key consultants. Consultancy projects we engage in will normally be mid to short-term and have well-defined deliverables.  

We have carried out in the past include evaluation/analysis of a project or policy, advice to an organisation on its research or programming and related policy recommendations, do no harm assessments, acting as expert witness, providing expert briefings on specific topics, and more.

Research Services:


We can carry out a host of contract research services as commissioned by other organisations and institutes in line with a specific set of aims and objectives in order to meet your research needs - carrying out data collection services for baseline surveys, interviews and questionnaires as part of larger projects.